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Workplace harassment comes in all forms, and all of it is illegal. With all the kinds of harassment you can face in the office, you need seasoned lawyers who can effectively navigate your case and bring it to justice.

No matter what kind of harassment you are facing, Falakassa Law is in your corner. We know the kind of stress these situations can induce, and it is our goal to help you and seek compensation for your case. We have represented clients in various situations, and we can bring your workplace harassment case to success.

Types Of Workplace Harassment

All forms of workplace harassment are equally serious. Our team of legal experts take great care in evaluating your case, and here are a few kinds of harassment you may experience in your workplace.

  • Sexual: One of the more serious kinds of harassment someone can face. Shoving, groping, unwated requests for dates, standing in peoples’ ways, requests for sexual behaviors, unsolicited sexual behaviors and acts are some of the ways someone can experience sexual harassment.
  • Discriminatory: There are various kinds of discrimination you can face in the office. You can be harassed based on age, race, gender, sexual orientation, or other facets. These can lead to malicious targeting, exclusion, and other serious consequences.
  • Retaliation: If you are experiencing retaliation from a boss or peer based on any complaints, work situations, or anything else, this is a form of workplace harassment. It can come in subtle forms, but is very serious. Additionally, wrongful termination is a form of workplace harassment.
  • Psychological: Any behavior in the form of repeated and hostile or unwanted conduct, actions, comments, or gestures that affects your psychological integrity that results in a harmful work environment for you is psychological harassment.
  • Physical: Unwanted physical contact, intimidation, pushing, hitting, and more are forms of physical harassment you can face.


If you think your case has ground, or even if you’re unsure, Falakassa offers free consultations to evaluate your situation.

Get Compensation For Your Workplace Harassment Case

Falakassa Law is ready to take your case and defend your rights. Our firm is dedicated to making workplaces safe and equal for everyone, and even the smallest case can make a difference for you and your peers in the future.

Our firm offers free consultations to evaluate your case. There’s no fee until we win, and our team of legal experts is looking forward to reviewing your situation. 


5 - Star Reviews

"I’m so happy I worked with Falakassa and not another lawyer. He fought for my case when it wasn’t looking good. Any other lawyer would have given up on my case but he fought for me until the end. I would recommend him and call him again if I’m ever I’m ever in need of a lawyer."

Sanaz D.

"Josh is my go-to lawyer after my last few interactions with him. He’s extremely sharp, very knowledgeable about his craft and industry, and has tons of experience that showed to an effective lawyer and got me great results."

Daniel M.

"Mr. Falakassa is an ultra professional employment lawyer. He cares for his clients and represents employees only against big companies. He will get you results and I refer/recommend him for any employment law Cases"

Joey N.

"Mr. Falakassa is a well polished employment lawyer. He answered all my inquiries and is always available to answer the phone. He is a great writer and one of the best at what he does. I would go to him for any employment law issues"

Martin S.

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