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Kasra Torabi is Chief Legal Strategist at WinSight Counsel. He serves as a deposition examiner and strategic advisor to elite litigation teams, helping win their most challenging cases against particularly difficult opponents. Foremost among these firms is Falakassa Law, where Mr. Torabi leverages his 18 years of front-lines litigation experience to maximize the verdicts and settlements the firm wins for employees in individual and class actions.

If you’re suing your employer and they happen to be a large and well-funded company, having a good case doesn’t always mean they will try to resolve it quickly or fairly. Instead, if the company fears it might lose a fair fight at trial, their likely response will not be to settle, but to instead try to deprive you of that day in court by out-spendingout-staffing and out-lasting your lawyers. This is because the defense knows that many Plaintiff’s law firms are volume-driven “mills” focused on settling cases as fast as possible. So instead of fighting the merits of your case, the defendants exploit the weakness of your lawyers’ business model. They mire your lawyers in a years-long stalemate, hoping that “justice delayed” will indeed result in “justice denied.”

But that tactic fails against the zealous and unrelenting advocates at Falakassa Law. They don’t accept a case unless they already know how they will win. And with Mr. Torabi’s help, they out-think the defense’s litigation strategy, out-dig them with actionable intelligence, and out-examine their most evasive witnesses. In this way, we constantly raise the stakes, hold the employers’ feet closer and closer to the fire, and expose expensive truths that jolt stubborn Defendants out of the stupor of their denial.


Mr. Torabi earned his Juris Doctor in 2004 from UC Berkeley School of Law (Berkeley Law). Mr. Torabi received his Bachelor of Sciences in 2001 in Microbiology, and in Molecular Genetics from UCLA, where he also conducted scientific research in biochemistry. Mr. Torabi approaches each deposition with all the curiosity, patience, and intellectual rigor of a true scientist, aiming not only to examine the defendant employer, but also to test his own hypotheses about their true motives.

Bar Admissions

  • California Supreme Court and the 9th Circuit Federal Court of Appeals

Awards and Recognition

  • Mr. Falakassa was recognized as a Super Lawyer, Rising Star in 2017-2022.
  • Mr. Falakassa has been recognized by Top Verdicts for achieving several of the highest employment settlements in California.

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"I’m so happy I worked with Falakassa and not another lawyer. He fought for my case when it wasn’t looking good. Any other lawyer would have given up on my case but he fought for me until the end. I would recommend him and call him again if I’m ever I’m ever in need of a lawyer."

Sanaz D.

"Josh is my go-to lawyer after my last few interactions with him. He’s extremely sharp, very knowledgeable about his craft and industry, and has tons of experience that showed to an effective lawyer and got me great results."

Daniel M.

"Mr. Falakassa is an ultra professional employment lawyer. He cares for his clients and represents employees only against big companies. He will get you results and I refer/recommend him for any employment law Cases"

Joey N.

"Mr. Falakassa is a well polished employment lawyer. He answered all my inquiries and is always available to answer the phone. He is a great writer and one of the best at what he does. I would go to him for any employment law issues"

Martin S.

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