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“To everyone who needs help and wants a good law team! I’m a disabled Veteran in Ca. was terminated w/o reason and fighting an eviction all at the same time. I went through HELL with police reports, and health issues that drove me crazy. For months I never knew if I would be homeless or not. I interviewed many law firms and not one would take my case on w/o a big retainer. Finally I found Falakassa Lay Firm and glad I did…in just a few months we settled out of court for more money than what I was asking for. Now I can get back to healing and starting my new life w/o worry. If you have been done wrong and know you have a good case you must contact these guys. Even the poor and disabled now have a chance for justice. I can’t thank you guys enough!”

Mike W.

“Attorney Falakassa is an outstanding employment lawyer. He took his time and gave me a free consultation and answered all my questions and followed up. He is very sharp and professional. I highly recommend him for any employment law dispute.”

Jonathan H.

“I have gotten to know Mr. Falakassa working with him closely in a professional capacity. He is very smart and professional and he is always ready to go the extra step. I highly recommend him for any employment law dispute.”

Mehrdad B.

“Josh is my go-to lawyer after my last few interactions with him. He’s extremely sharp, very knowledgeable about his craft and industry, and has tons of experience that showed to an effective lawyer and got me great results.”

Daniel M.

“Mr. Falakassa is an outstanding gentlemen and lawyer. He’ll take the time to sit down with you and really get to know you and your legal concerns to provide the best possible outcome. I would definitely recommend this firm for any employment related needs.”

Daniel Y.

“I’m glad to have met Mr. Falakassa. He is a top employment lawyer and truly cares for his clients. He will maximize your recovery. I recommend him for any termination or wage issues!”

Steven A.

“Mr. Falakassa is a well polished employment lawyer. He answered all my inquiries and is always available to answer the phone. He is a great writer and one of the best at what he does. I would go to him for any employment law issues”

Martin S.

“Mr. Falakassa is an ultra professional employment lawyer. He cares for his clients and represents employees only against big companies. He will get you results and I refer/recommend him for any employment law Cases”

Joey S.

“I’m so happy I worked with Falakassa and not another lawyer. He fought for my case when it wasn’t looking good. Any other lawyer would have given up on my case but he fought for me until the end. I would recommend him and call him again if I’m ever I’m ever in need of a lawyer.”

Sanaz D.

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