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We represent employees throughout Northern and Southern California. We do not charge any fees unless we win, and have won millions of dollars for employees. We have offices across Sacramento and Los Angeles County.

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Practice Areas

Wrongful Termination

In California most employment relationships are governed by what is known as “at-will” employment. This means that employees can be terminated at any given time without any notice, for any reason or no reason as long as that reason is not discriminatory or otherwise illegal.

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Retaliatory Discharge

Often employees may find themselves in tough situations because they chose to speak out against their employers. More often than not, employees will be subject to unfair punishment if they report cases of sexual harassment, racial discrimination or other workplace grievances.

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Sexual Harassment

Sexual Harassment is still one of the most prevalent issues in the workplace. Gender bias and inappropriate behavior remains common in the workplace ,and often goes untold.

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Racial Discrimination

Despite the fact that Federal and California law protects employees from discrimination based on color, race, ethnicity, nationality and ancestry, discrimination in the workplace remains an issue in modern society.

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Age Discrimination

Age discrimination is when your employer takes an adverse employment action (i.e., termination, demotion, failure to promote) based substantially on your age. To prevail on a claim for age discrimination, you must show that your age was a substantial motivating factor in your employer’s decision.

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Gender Discrimination

California and Federal laws prohibit discrimination based on gender. At the end of the day, it does not matter who the perpetrator is –if you are being discriminated against because of your gender, it is illegal. If you feel like you have been placed in such a position, you should consult a gender discrimination attorney at Falakassa Law, P.C.

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Meal and Rest Period Violations

Under the California Labor Code, every employer is required by law to allow meal periods and rest periods to his/her workers.

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Unpaid Overtime

Under California law, if an employee works more than 8 hours in a work day or 40 hours in a week, he/she is entitled to be compensated at one and a half times the regular rate of pay.

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Minimum Wage Violations

Under California law, minimum wage is the lowest level of hourly, weekly or monthly pay that is legally required to be paid to employees.

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Falakassa Law, P.C. does not handle cases against government entities.

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Meet our team of experienced lawyers who are graduates from the University of California, Berkeley, School of Law. We understand that our hard-working clients have been wronged, face a steep challenge and we are here to help!

“Mr. Falakassa’s practice focuses on vindicating employees’ rights in single plaintiff discrimination suits, wage and hour class and representative action litigation, and other employment claims.”

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“Mr. Khosrowshahi has devoted his legal career to representing Plaintiffs against their employers, landlords, and the government.”

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Josh is my go-to lawyer after my last few interactions with him. He’s extremely sharp, very knowledgeable about his craft and industry, and has tons of experience that showed to an effective lawyer and got me great results.

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I have gotten to know Mr. Falakassa working with him closely in a professional capacity. He is very smart and professional and he is always ready to go the extra step. I highly recommend him for any employment law dispute.

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I’m glad to have met Mr. Falakassa. He is a top employment lawyer and truly cares for his clients. He will maximize your recovery. I recommend him for any termination or wage issues!

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Mr. Falakassa is an outstanding gentlemen and lawyer. He’ll take the time to sit down with you and really get to know you and your legal concerns to provide the best possible outcome. I would definitely recommend this firm for any employment related needs.

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